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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

~Shawl Jojet Dual Tones~

Shawl Jojet Dual Tones

Price: RM10 (inner not ncluded)
Material: Jojet

Color: Light Brown
Code: Jojet 1
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Dark brown
Code: Jojet 2
Status: SOLD OUT!

Color: Brown
Code: Jojet 3
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Black and Brown
Code: Jojet 4
Status: Available

Color: Dark purple
Code: Jojet 5
Status: Available

Color: Blue
Code: Jojet 6
Status:SOLD OUT!

Color: Purple
Code: Jojet 7
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Dark green
Code: Jojet 8
Status: SOLD OUT

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